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auto do ślubu szofer kierowca limuzyna
auto do ślubu szofer kierowca limuzyna


Your big day is getting closer? Do you add up all the details to create a great whole and make your wedding unforgettable? You are in the right place!

As Premium Drivers, we offer the highest quality services. We have luxury cars for the wedding that will make you feel special. We guarantee an elegant and professional driver who, in turn, will take care of your comfort and, if necessary, help in various matters. We know how stressful the organization of a wedding can be. Therefore, we assure you that you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises on our part. Our cars are always efficient and clean, and our drivers - competent, polite and, of course, punctual!

Wedding car

auto do ślubu szofer kierowca limuzyna

Wedding car - the highest quality

Car for wedding - what is included ?

Each time we offer the preparation of a car of your choice - the car will be 100% functional, clean inside and out. We also offer classic, minimalist vehicle decorations. In the car you will find bottled water, and on your request, also champagne! We also provide a professional driver. He will be smartly dressed, will help you pack gifts for the wedding car and - if he is able - in any other matter. The exact scope of the offer depends on your needs. Contact us and we will determine together what you care about and what we can offer. Let's meet at your wedding!

Or maybe you are looking for a car for a communion or other occasion? We also offer that! Contact us and we will prepare an offer for you!

How to choose the good car for you?

It might seem like just a car, nothing like that. However, this is one of the details that make the event beautiful, unique and memorable. What should a car be like for a wedding? First of all, it is elegant, clean and unique. All this and more are provided in Premium Drivers. Check out our fleet of premium cars, choose your dream wedding car and leave the rest to us. On your wedding day, focus on what's most important - each other! Provide yourself with a bit of luxury on this special day and enjoy it!