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Exclusive helicopter flights

PremiumDrivers offers the service of helicopter flights. Cooperating with professional staff, we offer fast and comfortable services, making the helicopter flight smooth and trouble-free.

Each flight is so different that it is impossible to create a price list, which is why we treat the needs and requirements of each client individually, ensuring high quality customer service. Traveling with us, you will fly where you want, when you want and what time you want, without worrying about traffic jams, railway delays or anguish related to airport check-in. The goal of PremiumDrivers is to provide fast, flexible and, above all, safe transport for our clients and their guests.

Helicopter flight offer

In our offer you will find:

  • Air Taxi flights
  • business flights
  • special offers: city days, festivals or company events - these are just some of the places where we had the opportunity to fly. The undoubted attraction of a helicopter flight will raise the rank of any event, and we are able to arrange a professional temporary landing site virtually anywhere.


Flight time from Warsaw (more or less):

  • Wrocław 1:45h

  • Poznań 1:30h

  • Bydgoszcz 1:15h

  • Szczecin 2:30h

  • Gdańsk 1:45h

  • Olsztyn 1:05h

  • Białystok 1:05h

  • Lublin 0:50h

  • Rzeszów 1:30h

  • Kraków 1:30h

  • Katowice 1:30h

  • Zakopane 2:00h

  • Łódź 0:45h