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VIP transport security SLY PROTECTION

In this security category, thanks to cooperation Premiumdrivers with SLY PROTECTION we are at the forefront of the protection market, our services are used by celebrities, politicians and businessmen. We provide trained direct security officers with full qualifications and attributes necessary to work in this profession.


Sly Protection employees are specialists who treat work with weapons as a natural use of competences acquired in special units of the Police, Army and other services. Taking care of the highest quality of services, we equip our employees with the latest generation of firearms, thanks to which we can be sure of their effectiveness.

  • Security audits

  • OSINT (WHITE INTERVIEW) checking rooms for surveillance equipment (cameras, wiretaps, voice recorders)

  • Checking cars for GPS transmitters and surveillance equipment

  • Comprehensive meeting service safe meeting (support before the meeting, picking up the contractor, transport to the place, checking the room) (counter-surveillance service)

  • Visual assessment of rooms

  • Systems of devices and equipment

  • Specialist measurements of telecommunications and energy installation parameters

  • Measurements and study of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation

  • Broadband detection of digital and analog devices (radio wiretaps, GSM wiretaps, GPS locators, mobile phones, bluetooth microheadphones, wireless cameras, GSM cameras)

  • Examination of the spectrum of radiation in the infrared range